Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hair Dilemma Part 2

In the past year I have racked my brain trying to find a quick and easy solution with maintaining and grooming my little diva's hair. Initially I was pretty happy with just a wash/condition and some random style that was easy on my nerves and required very little sitting time for her. In an effort to alleviate the hair styling pain, I took her to the local hair salon to get braids, but $50(plus tip) later I was thinking there has to be a better and least expensive way. The style was cute and stress free however a bit pricey for a preschooler.

By the end of the year we tried braids again, and it was very convenient since the braider made a house call. Although I was pleased with the braider's work, my poor child's scalp was being tortured. The braids were obviously too tight so we had to call the braider back for a redo! I pray my child does not hold me responsible for my missteps as a mommy. After this fiasco, I tried the local beauty school because I thought for $8.00 it was worth a try. This visit lasted over 2 hours with the fidgeting, crying, blow drying and flat ironing. Thanks to the the other stylists for loading her up with gummie bears and candy canes. It appeared to be a nice gesture but I know it was pipe down the noise a few notches. My poor child fell asleep in the chair as her hair was being flat ironed. In the past few weeks I have felt so much guilt for torturing this child with all of these procedures. I will say it for her, "ouchie"!

In the new year I resolve to find a better way of maintaining her hair so it stays healthy and kid friendly. After many referrals to natural hair salons, we are scheduled this weekend. I will keep you posted on how this goes and definitely take pictures for our hair diary!


Sam said...

Check out this company. They have a wealth of information and DVD's on how to do different techniques on hair.

Darcel said...

youtube has awesome videos on how to do our own twists. I'm going to get started on my girls hair this year.

Your daughter is a doll. She has so much hair, I love it!

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