Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Am A Work In Progress

Each year I hear people creating a laundry list of resolutions that must be met before the end of the year. I was never on board with creating resolutions and decided I will set GOALS for myself.

My goals are a reflection of where I need to grow both physically and mentally. A way of reinventing myself for the new year!

2010 Goals:

1. Make exercise a part of my weekly schedule

2. Visit my house of worship at least twice a month

3. Improve my diet by adding more fruits and vegetables; take my oversized vitamin and calcium supplements

4. Make an effort to choose low cal snacks that taste great too! That's only fair, right? (Skinny Cow you are definitely on my fave list)

5. Make "me" time mandatory! i.e. mani/pedi, spa day, meditation, girls night out, girls only trip, or maybe yoga again

6. Read at least 3 great books- just because

7. Take at least one class toward my next endeavor

8. Drink more water

Hopefully my list will refresh, renew and reinvent a better me for myself and of course my little ones. Stay tuned......

1 comment:

JRE said...

I love your goals! I love that you are not overdoing it with some of them like visit a house of worship twice a month. I think that's great...every Sunday can be a bit much plus life happens you can't always go. I know my big goals that I didn't blog about are exercising more and also cooking at home more because I started a new budget this month. It's going ok, but I am brown bagging and grocery shopping at various stores again like I used because a bargain is a bargain and I have to be willing to take advanced. God bless you on your goals and I'll definitely keep you in prayer.

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