Friday, December 11, 2009

The Princess and the Frog Movie Premiere

Since my little man was off from school I decided to take both kids to see the movie before the weekend rush. We surprised my little diva at school with her new tiara and the fact we were going to see the movie this evening. Thanks to my little man for being such a good sport! He told me to hide him going into the theatre because it was a princess movie. I tried to find my little diva some goodies before we picked her up from school. The animation was exceptional, the music was definitely on point and plenty of comedic moments throughout the movie. Princess Tiana is absolutely beautiful!
The kids appeared to enjoy the movie and my little diva did very well with sitting for over an hour. I am anxious to discuss the movie with other moms to get your thoughts. My lips are sealed on the movie, so hurry and see it this weekend.
The movie was obviously a hit it debuted at $25million this weekend!

Our photos: little diva in the car with tiara, outside the theatre, The Princess and the Frog goodies

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