Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Decorating

My little diva will always make sure mommy is on her A-game. She has insisted in the past 24 hours that I decorate for Christmas and start baking cookies. The decorations I don't mind but my baking has its own schedule.
This morning I headed out to produce junction, a local produce market that always offers holiday items for really low price. I like natural decorations outside so I went in search of a wreath, roping and poinsettias(for inside). Then I headed over to Target to get some other Christmas accessories.

Whew, I just took a breather! I had to pull out the Christmas tablecloth and napkins to give them a quick steam press. Tomorrow I am in search of a place setting for the dining room table.....

I have to remind myself this is in the spirit of Christmas and all for the kids.....

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