Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Little Man's "Me Collage"

In my never ending quest to get organized I was going through my little man's school work and found his "me collage". It was all about him, favorite color, what I want to be, what he wants, etc. You may notice he is really petitioning for a dog as it appears on the collage twice, just between us- the dog-never going to happen. Since the beginning of the school year I have tried tirelessly to get him to pick up a book for some leisure reading. He is definitely more of a writer than a reader. Shortly after the inauguration I encouraged him to write a letter to the President. I thought finally something to pique his interest when he put his pencil to paper. His letter basically congratulated the President and his family. In June my little man received a thank you letter from the White House. I noticed on his collage for the question - a famous person I would like to meet he wrote Obama-(President Obama).

When I am at my wits end and searching for some inspiration, I use President Obama as a reference for hard work and perseverance. Hopefully somewhere in my little man's world among the bugs, Legos, bikes, video games, The Wizards of Waverly Place, Sponge Bob and all the other boy stuff there is room for some mommy wisdom. It is my dream he will one day thank me for being so super smart(as I sit with fingers & toes crossed).......

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Yakini said...

I love DS's "Me Collage." That's so awesome. lol @ him putting dog twice. Haha, so slick!

What a neat project!

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