Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy Mommy Workout Dilemma
Tonight I was shopping at my favorite supermarket, Wegmans and ran into one of my mommy friends. We happened to touch on the question of maintaining our weight after pregnancy and the inevitable goal of achieving a flat tummy again. My saving grace was consistently working out during my 2nd pregnancy, however my biggest hurdle is to eliminate unnecessary, unhealthy snacking. I think the ability to do some form of strength training with cardio has helped me to mask my unkind areas. Ab muscles are the toughest to reshape after pregnancy. Unfortunately I despise "crunches" and due to a busy full-time working mommy schedule it is difficult to fit in enough cardio to whittle the fat away. Four years ago I was able to take Pilates and I found it to be very effective for shaping and toning my abs. Ultimately I believe a combination of strength training and cardio will do the trick. A walking regimen provides another way to shed the pounds.

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