Monday, March 22, 2010

"When The Divas Talk" Recap Show on March 21, 2010

Another great Sunday chatting with the Divas, host Shynea at Penny Pinching Diva and co-host Jen at Jael Custom Designs .

Here's a peek at the topics we chatted about:

  • Howard Stern's and Robin Quivers' comments about Gabby Sidibe

  • Walgreen's 28.5M Lawsuit

  • Jesse James' Apology to Sandra Bullock

  • Nanny Gone Wild

If you missed our 90 minute show on Sunday, here's your chance to listen to the recap:

Our sizzling topic "Open Marriages/Relationships, where we chatted about Monique's Open Relationship comments, Hugh Hefner's living arrangements, polyamorous relationships and more.......

Visit the show website When The Divas Talk to check for show information, articles, to leave comments & feedback or take a poll on this week's sizzling topic.......

1 comment:

Mommy Glow said...

These look great, i look forward to listening in. Thanks!

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