Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Little Fashionista- Picture Day

Oh no who have I created in 3 years? My little princess had picture day last week and I wanted her to wear something that said spring is coming. She is a huge fan of shoes, boots, sneakers- all footwear. When I found these embellished sneakers I knew she was going to love them. It is really bad because I will literally plan outfits for her in my sleep. When she got home from school and saw the sneakers she was so excited to try them on and insisted she sleep in the sneakers. Ok, I was not sold with her going to bed in sneakers. I think the consolation was the fact she was going to wear them as she called it with "her cute outfit" for picture day the next day.


Yakini said...

LOL, omg too cute! I hope that if I ever have a daughter one day she is a real girly girl, just like yours! So adorable! I love her puffs!!

Darcel said...

She is adorable! Look what you've started.

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