Monday, February 1, 2010

Parenting: How to Share the Love

For six years, I was use to managing a schedule for only one child. Now I am challenged with dividing my time, affection, support, nurturing and overall parenting times 2. I am finding that no matter the ages of your children they will always require your attention. When my little man is off from school I try to plan a mommy & son activity even it is simply going to lunch. I feel sometimes he thinks our little one gets more attention because she is younger. In her defense, I explain to him she does require more because she is not as independent. I'm not sure if this flies with him.

For me our daily homework time is the hardest because my attention and focus is on getting the homework assignments completed, dinner, and finding an activity for my little one. I wish there was a perfect formula for bringing all of this together.

Please feel free to share your formula, ideas or thoughts on handling the daily challenge of parenting two or more......

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