Sunday, January 31, 2010

Health: My Battle with Carbs

I am addicted to carbs! They are are my true nemesis! My goal abs are above!

I love potatoes -potato chips, regular fries, steak fries, and home fries. To try and show some semblance of control I only buy a bag of chips eat half of the bag, save the other half or give to the kids. I refuse to buy the family size(as if any family needs all of these calories) bag of chips because the temptation is just too great.

To add insult to injury, why did my Southern parents ever introduce me to grits? and why do I add butter, milk and cheese so they are a rich and creamy consistency.

Next is my love of bread or anything made from dough -French, Italian, Portuguese, rolls, biscuits, tortillas, soft pretzels, pizza(thin crust, not), bagels you name it and I am slathering either mayo or butter on it. I only buy 100 % whole wheat bread. Oh, did I mention my love of French toast and this is when I buy cinnamon swirl bread, extra thick raisin bread or a babka bread sold at one of my favorite supermarkets. I got it bad!

Finally I love white rice, I know I should trade this in for brown rice. I have tried and tried but the brown just does not cut it.

I need a challenge to kick the carbs, my goal was to start off reducing carbs and then start running every other day to crank up my cardio. For some reason I cannot get jump started. Although I work out, my abs are in need of serious conditioning.
My goal is to buy a two piece (a few if I can pull this off) bathing suits that are not tankinis.



Claudia Lawrence said...

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JRE said...

Don't beat yourself up too hard for the carb addiction. It's a hard one to break. I love potatoes and a love pizza. In fact, pizza is my comfort food when I get sick. I would suggest trying out different workouts instead of just running. I bought the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD and I love it because it works out every part of your body. He keeps you moving the whole time. He believes in squots so my legs feel really strong. As far as the carbs, just try to eliminate them or maybe just cook potatoes one-two days a week and that's it. Definitely get the Eat This Not that Book cause they tell you what you can eat and some stuff may suprise you. Sorry so long. Have a great day and with God, all things are possible (even the release of a carb addiction)!

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