Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Co-Sleeping -A Good Night's Sleep Please!

This weekend it dawned on me that my little one has become my middle of the night bedmate for the past 5 months. Shortly after the binky fairy took her binky away she insisted on sleeping together in the middle of the night.

Initially I thought it was just the transition of losing the binky. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks the transition was lasting a bit too long for mommy. I still did not insist she try to soothe herself back to sleep. When I counted the number of nights she slept through the night in her room, I realized in 5 months it was less than 5 nights.

I think this weekend was my breaking point and I needed to institute some real tough love. On Saturday, we did a bath, a book and bedtime. She went to bed with no problems however when she realized there was no more "mommy rock me to sleep" or "can I go into your room for 5 minutes" she proceeded to cry for almost 2 hours. It was tough for me to listen to her crying but I thought it was absolutely necessary. I found myself not getting a full night's sleep because every night as I relaxed she was up calling for me and wanting to come into my room. Night #2 was a little easier and she spent less time crying. When she woke up in the wee hours of the morning I told her to turn over and try to go back to sleep. I worked and she slept until our morning wake up. Night #3 was definitely easier so my fingers are crossed going forward.

Now that I am planning to transition her to a big girl bed I think we both will have a better night's sleep in the end.


gmcsobelle said...

With my little prince, I'm still stuck on getting rid of the binky. But he has been telling me he's ready to go to bed and we'll read a book or 2 or 3 and he falls asleep in my bed. I may try the whole reading and going to sleep in his room instead of mine and when he falls asleep move on to my own room.

ParlinMom said...

I am still sleeping with the toddler and she will be 2 in a few weeks. I made the biggest mistake (so my mom said) of letting her sleep in our bed from about 3 months old. I have tried the bath, a story and then music to soothe her to sleep in her own bed but after a few hours (oh yes the wee middle of the night) the yelling has started and I am NOT stronger enough to just let he cry it out. I watch her on the monitor and when she starts trying to climb out of the crib I freak out and go get her. I have slept on her floor for 2 months and still nothing but my BAD back...

you are right to stop it now that you have caught on to her.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

There is nothing worse than a little one wrapped around your head, or trying to make sure you stay off of them to rob you of sleep.

I always ended up between my husband, and my youngest. They're both hot bodies, and miserable!

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