Friday, January 15, 2010

The Recorder- Is this a Parental Punishment?

On Monday my little man came home from school with a musical instrument called, a recorder. I remember the order form going back to school but had no idea this was coming home. For some reason, the students were told to bring it home and I believe my little man said the teacher told them to "knock yourselves out". Well I have one question for the music teacher, next time can you send home a permission slip on whether I will allow this noise maker in my house?

In his haste "to knock himself out" he decided to start the practice session in my bedroom within 2 feet of my ears. The only way to describe my level of irritation when I heard this sharp, high pitched sound was the equivalent of nails on a chalk board. Again I ask his music teacher in the future can you please send home a permission slip for use in my home? This will be in place until school ends so I will have to brace myself every Monday evening and plead with him to put it in storage over the weekend.


legendswife said...

ooh...I remember those days. I wonder if my mom still has mine? Have a blessed day.

Yakini said...

Omg, I remember recorders, lol. How funny that they are stil around! I guess my time is coming in just a few more years, eh? LOL!!!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - this story is hilarious... and brings back many fond recorder memories!!

JRE said...

OMG! Yes! I can't believe they still make them, let alone make kids play them. Thankful, I went to a public school and there were not enough to go around. Like weed could lead to harder drugs, the recorder may lead to harder, louder oral instruments like the flute, trumpet, or sax! I hope your kid doesn't get 'addicted' to lame musical instruments. - Jennie

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