Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hair Dilemma Solved

On Saturday we went to our appointment at Duafe and that was by far the best suggestion for my little diva's hair. I was really excited about going Duafe especially when I heard this is Jill Scott's salon. Since I love everything Jill Scott and her hair is always making a statement I had to check it out. Duafe is a salon owned by Syreeta Scott that caters specificially to natural hair.

My thought was to get a hairstyle that would put minimal stress on her hair. I decided to have the stylist give her two strand twists. Although we had a wait before the stylist started, the little customer got a fabulous shampoo and conditioning treatment from Ms. T. She fell asleep after the wash and condition.

The entire process was about an hour and it was well worth the wait. Shout out to Ms. A! for her great styling and patience with my little one. For the process I had plenty of snacks and juice in my bag to keep the little customer happy. You can always go to a salon and get plenty of humor and stories. Shout out to the friendly staff and the great mix of music on the Ipod! I love the style and plan to keep it for a while. The style is very versatile and we can still add her hair accessories.

After careful observation and plenty of questions, I am going to recreate this hairstyle. I even viewed some of the tutorials on Youtube.

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