Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

On Friday, December 11 The Princess and the Frog will hit theaters nationwide.

My little diva screams to the top of her lungs each time the commercial airs. Thank goodness for her and my ears, we plan to see the movie on Sunday afternoon. I want to plan a special afternoon because I get to share a snippet of history with my little one. We will experience the Disney's first African -American princess together. My little princess is soooo excited beyond words. I love the fact she gets to see an onscreen princess with brown skin.
Here's to hoping we have a blast as we celebrate such a special day! Thanks, Denene for the Fandango tip. If you order tickets from Fandango you can register for a Princess Tiana Echanted Call , click the link below for details(limited offer ends on 12/16):

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