Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Little Diva's 3rd Birthday

Wow, it has been weeks since my last post. I wish my story was about a whirlwind trip around the world and back. It has been business as usual with the kids, my little diva celebrated her 3rd birthday on the 23rd. Well, my how time flies. Her birth story is filled with a little more detail because as luck would have it I went into labor on Thanksgiving. I think with both of my kids my labors were centered around food preparation. My original due date was December 14 so on Thanksgiving I just planned a small uneventful dinner at home. When I woke up that morning I did not feel right but I insisted on having my Thanksgiving dinner at home. Later in the day when I realized I did not feel any better I called the doctor who insisted I wait it out for a while longer. This prompted me to eat every morsel of my turkey dinner because in the event this was the real deal I was not going to be in a hospital with nothing to eat. I devoured my entire dinner except for dessert. After 2 hours I realized I was officially in labor so we all left the house headed for the hospital.

When I arrived the nurse did the "are you really in labor test?", my water had not broke. Then I thought darn it I left my sweet potato pie in the refrigerator, can someone please go back to my house to get my dessert? Once it was established I was dilating I changed my clothes and proceeded to walk around the floor and back to my room until I had no energy for anything else. Somewhere in between the walking and squatting I had to get in position to begin pushing and no water yet. I had to rearrange the room, all I remember on tv that night was Grey's Anatomy and I asked the nurses to please turn off the tv it was too distracting. Then one nurse asked if I wanted a mirror, I'm thinking is this nurse kidding me? why on earth would I want to see the process up close and personal? The doctor on call popped in to see how I was doing and she asked if I wanted her to break my water sac and I told her no- I wanted nature to take it's course. My mother was front and center for this birth and she thought I was nuts. Oh, well I thought when she is ready to emerge into our world my body will give the signal. Wow, did that happen as the delivery started to get more intense my water finally broke and she was ready to zoom into the world. My doctor barely had time to put on her scrubs after she was finally located on the floor. It was amazing because each birthing experience was so very different. My mom got to experience a birth for the first time so she was pretty much in awe. When my doctor was finishing up with my episiotomy, my mother said oh that is a lot of blood, I was just sitting there thinking HELLO I AM CONSCIOUS AND DRUGLESS, I CAN HEAR YOU!

You can tell doctors have seen it and heard it all, because my doctor never flinched and continued with her surgical expertise. On Thanksgiving 2006 we welcomed our little diva into our world. She was 3 weeks early and ready to see this world. I look at her personality today and she is one feisty and demanding little creature, hence the name "little diva". All in all I love having a mini me running around.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maya! Great picture!

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