Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Potty Training Days

Initially I was under the impression that girls potty train easier than boys. Now I have to change this thought after having the experience with a boy and now my little diva. It is my conclusion that each child is different regardless of gender and it is a matter of the individual child's growth and development. I did vow to encourage rather than push my little diva into meeting some sort of potty training schedule. Since she is a huge fan of Dora the Explorer I bought her the toilet seat cover and Dora stickers. She does have a traditional potty but she feels more like a big girl when she uses "mommy's potty". I must admit potty training takes a lot of patience which I am short on at time. Is that believable as a mom-LOL!

On Monday night my little diva asked to wear her Dora panties on Tuesday. While I was getting all of her clothes together for school on Tuesday morning, she went into her dresser drawer and pulled out her Dora panties. Then she had to announce to everyone in the house what she was wearing. I thought, wow she is serious! Before getting fully dressed, I made sure she used the potty and then asked before we left the house. I was so proud when we got in the car and arrived at school with dry clothes. In my mind I was thinking this is working like a charm. We arrived at school about 9:00 and I checked back 2 hours later and there was an accident. Ok, we can expect those along the way and I will attribute it to her having a great time on the playground and not enough time to enter the building and reach the bathroom. After getting her clothes changed and a new pair of undies put on she had a steller dry afternoon. We even ran an errand after pick up and she was dry when we arrived home. Yipee I thought. This was a great "DRY" run however we used her Easy Ups for bedtime.

Today, was another day with our Dora undies. It will be interesting to see how her day went.

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The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Ah, potty training. I'm just starting in on that w/my youngest. Not my favorite thing to do - and yes, patience is hard to come by! STopping by from SITS to welcome you aboard. Have a great "dry" day! :D

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