Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Mini-Vacay

Just a few days to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of daily life....... This is a our third trip to Cape May and we stay at Akwaaba B&B in West Cape May. On our previous trips we stayed at Akwaaba by the Sea. Check out the site: AkwaabaThis time we booked a suite at Akwaaba at Buttonwood Manor(directly across the street). I love staying here because each morning you are treated to a full breakfast as well as savory and sweet snacks with beverages in the evening. I was expecting to be rained in for two days but as luck would have it two of our three days were absolutely beautiful. The ocean temperature this time of year is just right. My son had a lot of fun playing in the ocean and my daughter wanted to play in the sand instead. Traveling with an 8yo and 2yo takes a lot of patience and endurance to say the least. Yesterday we spent about 3 hours on the beach and today after breakfast we took an African American tour of West Cape May(It was interesting to learn about the rich heritage of this small beach town), and then some beach time. I am beat and one child is asking "where are we going for dinner?". One great part of a mini-vaca - NO COOKING! and the 0 calorie meals!


Yakini said...

This mini-vacay sounds like it was so much fun!!! I think I need one of these soon!

Yakini said...

Do you have a blog button? Would love to add you to my mommy blogroll!

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