Monday, August 24, 2009

"Binky" Intervention

Ok, to all my mommies out there -I need an intervention! Maybe / Maybe Not? The "binky" definitely has served its purpose in providing much needed quiet time when my babies were a little fussy. As the mom of two, I must admit it is an absolute different experience with both children. It is not only because of the different genders but there are real distinctions when it comes to their personalities, mannerisms, requirements, whining capacity, etc, etc. The whole "binky" ordeal has me baffled. When my son officially turned 1 the "binky" disappeared in the night. He never asked or thought about it again. Well here comes my little "diva in training" and I am out of ideas. I tried to use an idea taken from "SuperNanny"(yes I am desperate) by using her friend named "Binky Fairy", who comes and takes the "binky" but leaves a nice parting gift for the deserving child who relinquishes the "binky". My little "diva in training" was not impressed, and she insists on asking when is the "binky fairy" coming? Now as we approach her 3rd birthday in 3 months I am getting a little antsy. Aside from the approaching birthday I was a little unnerved with how many times the "binky" hits the floor/carpet in a day. Now I am at the point where it does not bother me because she takes it and wipes it off on her shirt or dress. Gotta luv it(building her immune system, right?)!

Each day when she arrives at school she hands me the "binky" before we enter the door-Now what is up with that? None of the kids in her new class have a "binky" (in the classroom?) and I think she is afraid to be seen with it in school. You may wonder what have I tried so far. Well, one night I thought enough already- it goes tonight! So I thought; she cried so hard that she threw up and of course I broke down and gave it back. My son had his blankie and she has the "binky".

My question is: Should I worry and just let her give it up when she is ready? or run the risk of her arriving at kindergarten handing me the "binky" in the car. I welcome any and all suggestions......really I do!


Yakini said...

lol, this post was so cute! i could just visualize DS handing over the binky as soon as she gets to school.

funny, chase is super attached to his paci as well and i had also planned on weaning him off of it using the Binky Fairy technique (i had read about it in Parenting magazine). the article sounded GREAT, so interesting to hear how it plays out "in real life."

hmmm, i might go ahead and let her keep it at night while relinquishing it during the day. it seems that she reached this point on her own and i suspect that by kindegarten she would have given it up altogether, on her own.

loved this post!!! i know i'll be struggling with this as well in a year or two! :-)

Yakini said...

I mean DD, not DS! Sorry

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