Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afternoon @ Monkey joes

Today Angelo and I checked out Monkey Joes in Pottstown in Pottstown, PA. Maya had the experience yesterday and for a soon to be preschooler she appeared to have a great time with her playmate. For the toddler to preschool age they offer two moon bounces in the Mini Monkey Zone and two vehicles the kids can ride using 2 tokens. Maya was not impressed with the vibrating race car, she jumped in and then out. It will be interesting to hear Angelo's comments. I am updating my post from one of the two PC stations, there are two flat screen tvs and WiFi service available, Also two massage chairs(for a fee of course) that range in price from $1(3mins)-$5(15mins). There is also a snack bar that offers hot dogs, pizza, pretzels,
beverages and an assortment of snacks. No outside food or drinks are allowed. For the older kids there are 4 different moon bounces and a few arcade games. Well the verdict is in, Angelo enjoyed the 2 hours however he felt there should be more arcade games. He enjoyed the moon bounces but at his age he prefers more hands on games........ This may be a good rainy day place to go to in pinch......

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Anonymous said...

We have a place here in Tulsa called Pump It Up Playhouse and they have four moon bounce things. They charge an outrageous price, in my opinion. When we took our daycare kids the Pre-K class loved it, but the school age class got bored very quickly. There is another one in Owasso called Putt 'n Jump and I've heard the kids like it better because it also has the miniature golf.

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