Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When The Divas Talk on Blog Talk Radio Sunday, March 28, 2010


Join me as co-host for another Sunday of chatting with host, Shynea @pennypinchingdiva and co-host Jen @jaeldesignsinc of When The Divas Talk on Blog Talk Radio.

This Sunday we are welcoming International Talk Show and Author Maryanne Comaroto as our guest co-host. You can visit Maryanne at Maryanne Live . She is a relationship expert so this should make for an interesting show as we discuss the many facets of relationships and her new book, Hindsight:What You Need to Know Before you Drop your Drawers!

The title of the book alone is enough to encourage you to listen, right? Mark your calendars now so you will not forget to tune in to our show on relationships.

Submit all relationship questions for Sunday's show on March 28 here, When The Divas Talk - Relationship Questions

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