Friday, March 12, 2010

The Little Princess' New Bed........

My little princess has pestered(I say this with love of course) me for weeks to get her new bed. On Wednesday, her new bed was delivered. When she arrived home from school, her bed was perfectly made and adorned with her new pillows. She said "mommy thanks for making my bed, I love it". I felt so warm & toasty inside as well as appreciated. Well, as bedtime approached I was excited for her to finally sleep in her new bed.

To my surprise she went to bed finally after midnight( I laid down with her)and she was up 3 hours and 45 minutes later. You guessed it, she was co-sleeping with me....This is going to be a work in progress!


Execumama said...

LOL! Even with the beautiful new bed, there's still no place cozier than being next to mommy :)

ParlinMom said...

just keep at it if you are serious about it. I say all the time I want my daughter in her bed but I enoy the co-sleeping and when I am at my mother's house she sleeps with her grandmother and I miss her.

the bed is cute.

Darcel said...

Just think of the times when she's older, and doesn't want to cuddle with you. You'll have all of these fond memories to look back on.

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