Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Health: Asthma & African Americans Tips For Parents With Asthmatic Children

Both of my children were diagnosed with asthma. My little man has outgrown his asthma although I look for signs of the condition recurring especially when the seasons change.

For my little princess I was a little more persistent with her pediatrician when I concluded the prescribed regimen was not effective. I asked our pediatrician to refer an allergist because I was convinced my little princess' congestion was being triggered by something in our home or outside of the home. The allergist conducted an allergy skin test for a variety of environmental triggers. The skin test was negative for all the environmental triggers . The allergist concluded her asthma was triggered whenever she experienced cold symptoms. One of the recommendations he made was to discontinue using the nebulizer for her daily treatments and switch to an inhaler spacer. The spacer was very effective in administering her medication and within weeks I saw improvement. It has been a year and a half under the allergist's care and she is doing very well. I am happy I took the initiative to ask her pediatrician to refer us to a specialist.

In an effort to reduce the triggers in our home, I avoid using sprays such as air fresheners, carpet deodorizers, perfumes and minimize stuffed animals in bed. Also avoid any environments where there is second hand smoke. The ideal situation is to remove the carpet but for right now it is cost-prohibitive. We did invest in a vacuum cleaner with a high suction power to minimize the dirt and dust with the carpet.

The below gives great tips on controlling your child's asthma:


La'Tonya Richardson said...

My mom has developed asthma as she's gotten older, on the heels for several rounds of pnuemonia, and brochitis. I've asked her to see an allergist. I think, very strongly, she's become very allergic to something!

Darcel said...

I have asthma, and so does my husband. It's only natural that both of our girls do, too. It came about in the form of eczema when they were around 6 weeks old.

Colds are triggers for both of them. My youngest is having a hard time right now. We've been in the clear for over 6 months, so I can't complain. We've been doing breathing treatments every 4hours for the past two days.

It's so hard on little ones when they have asthma. Breaks my heart.

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