Sunday, January 24, 2010

My confession........

I'm addicted to Target(aka Tarjay)! Help.... please! On Friday me and the kids decided to take a trip with no intent for a particular item. Oh, except the AAA batteries for the little diva's toothbrush. I swear when I walk in the door, the endorphins in my brain go into high gear. While the kids are screaming at one another, I'm looking around to make sure no one I know was in there to witness how rowdy my kids are in public.

We proceed down the aisles and then I start spotting the "red clearance" stickers(don't judge who does not like a deal). I pick up some hair accessories, hat and mittens(never hurts to have a set and a spare, right?) all on clearance! The boys thermals were not available in the right size, darnnit. I think Tarjay intentionally brightens every aisle so you are amazed on every shopping experience. If they every hold a contest to shop blindfolded in Tarjay, I would win hands down. It's shame when you can visualize a store in your brain and direct someone to every aisle! Just shameful! Another clever marketing trick by Target to get mommies like me in the door is the mass mailing coupon(s). Don't you just love the mass mailing of the $5 off coupons if you spend $50 or more, come on Target give a girl a break!

After our hour excursion, I had spent about $40(this was a light trip). I always convince myself that everything in the bag is needed. What I suggest they do is just put a parking space out front with my name on it, that's the least they can do, right? I left the store with everything except the batteries, there's always the next trip! (wink, wink).

My babysitter three years ago even coined her own name for Target, she called it the "Red Dot Boutique"! Now that Target offers designer collections I guess we can call it a boutique. They are the only mass merchandiser's clothes I would wear! I do love Mossimo's selections and the prices are affordable. Honestly, I am not looking for a cure because I look at this as one of my GUILTY PLEASURES!


*Tanyetta* said...

I love Target. The Dollar spot up front is my first stop!

Darcel said...

I LOVE the $ bins they have in the front of the store. I'm always finding goodies for my girls, and myself. I love a good deal.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

OMG - I am the same way about Wal-Mart, (There isn't a Tarjay, in my city). I've said the EXACT samething, about being blind folded in Wal-Mart. Hands down, it's all me!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like it your space. I'll be back!

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