Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

When discovered I was having a girl, it was a huge surprise. The first thing I thought about was doing her hair, buying frilly dresses and who will she look like. For 6 years I had functioned in a boy only world with Tonka trucks, hot wheels cars, khakis & polo shirts and full throttle energy!

Now that she has arrived and quickly transforming into her personality, how can you refrain from admiring the cuteness? Is it ok to crown her with names of adoration? such as princess and diva. Harmless or so I thought! It dawned on me a few weeks ago, when I told my little lady that she was going to time out and she replied "I can't go to time out because I am a diva and a princess". My reply, "yes even a princess and a diva can do time out".

This hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe the princess and diva comments are a little too much. However I want her to know without a doubt, she was created to do marvelous things in our dynamic world. I feel now more than ever our girls need this reinforced. Pride in self = High Self Confidence.

My hope is.......

My hope is that she grows up believing she is special in every way imaginable
My hope is that when she looks in the mirror; she truly loves her reflection
My hope is that she believes in her heart; she is capable of soaring to great heights
My hope is that she never settles for less if it compromises who she is
My hope is that she feels beautiful and exudes that beautify positively in the universe

Is this too much to ask for?

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JRE said...

Wow! This was such a great post! Thank you for the good cry today! -Jennie

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