Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Prissy Mommy Chronicles Elmo Loves You DVD Giveaway

Both of my kids have literally grown up with Sesame Street(little do they know mommy and Sesame Street are the same age this year)and their favorite character is Elmo of course. We have been through everything Elmo- stuffed toys, Tickle Me Elmo, books and movies. I am really excited about this giveaway and my little diva is still giddy when she sees Elmo on Sesame Street. What amazes me the most about Sesame Street is the number of characters added over the past 30+ years.

Another one of my favorite mommy blogs, The Prissy Mommy Chronicles is hosting a giveaway for the Elmo Loves You DVD. The DVD is a sing-along adventure about love, emotions and friendship. For your chance to win this DVD, here's the link below:

The Prissy Mommy Chronicles Elmo Loves You DVD

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