Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday Gift Dilemma

My little diva was invited to her first birthday party and of course my dilemma - what to buy for a gift? Typically I purchase a gift card from Toys R US or Target. I assume gift cards give more flexibility in choosing a gift that is well liked by the child. The party was for my daughter's daycare friend and her brother. Since I needed to buy two gifts I wanted to give gifts that were similar but age appropriate for each child. After talking to my mom, she suggested books as a gift idea. Dah, shout out to our moms for uncovering those buried thoughts underneath the other chaos in a busy mommy's brain.

I went to Barnes&Noble and they have an "affordably priced" section of kids books on the first level as well as upstairs in the children's section. I was able to get two age appropriate books for each child for under $25 and the best part is Barnes&Noble will gift wrap the books for FREE.

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