Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monkey joe's - Pottstown, PA

My daughter's 3rd birthday is around the corner (well in November). It never hurts to plan ahead as this will be her 1st official birthday party with friends and family. Most of the places I have checked out were not appropriate for my soon to be preschooler and for some reason I am not a fan of Chuck E. Cheese(Sorry!). It's amazing how places are in your backyard and all it takes to discover is a ride in the country to find it. I passed the shopping center and realized it was a place for kids so I did some research and found name Monkey joe's. It's a franchise owned center that offers multiple activities for the 2-12 age group. If you are interested in relaxing while your kids are playing, they offer an an adult lounge with high speed wireless internet, flat screen tv and computer stations.
I like the safety guidelines followed at each location:
*Clean and well-lit play areas supervised by our trained staff
*Sanitized inflatable surfaces by Swisher Hygiene, eliminating up to 99.9 percent of most common germs
*Certified jumps with safety mats at all jump entrances and exits
*Video monitoring and identity bracelets that tell us who is in our play centers
*Designated play areas for kids 2-12 years-old, featuring jumps, slides, climbing walls, and games
*Mini Monkey Zone for 3 year-olds and younger featuring games, puzzles, and soft landing areas so you can easily supervise your little ones
*Our SACCS Access Child Control Program makes Monkey Joe's the safest kids play facility in the business.
From the website I think it is perfect for a preschool birthday party. For the Crazy 8 package (8 kids) on a Saturday or Sunday, the price is $189.00 and $10.99 for each additional child. + the cost of Pizza(sold by the box of 12 slices). I think I found a winner! I may check it out as a playdate location next week; if so I will post the pictures. If this is the party destination selected I will post pictures and comments.....

You can check out the website here:

Monkey joes
*Must present print-out at counter to get special rate
Open 7 Days a Week! Walk-in Pricing:
$5.00 Every Day for kids under 36 months
$8.99 Monday - Thursday$9.99 Friday - Sunday

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