Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey Moms:

Did you ever wonder what to do with your child's old shoes? Olly retail stores collect worn shoes and donate them to local charities and associations. This is a great cause and you get to empty out their closets of shoes. The retails stores are located throughout the Philadelphia area, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Canada.

Shoe Donation

OLLY Cares About Kids! Help us to help them by donating your barely or rarely used children's shoes.
Children's feet grow at such a great rate. Consider donating your gently worn shoes at any OLLY location. Outworn shoes should NOT be donated. It is important that each child's foot is able to make its own impression (footprint) in the shoe footbed.
This is a not-for-profit program. OLLY will distribute these shoes to local charities where OLLY retail stores exist and will also work with charities and associations that distribute items overseas to children who are in great need of footwear.
Call us at: 1.866.655.9746Email: info@ollyshoes.com

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