Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Hair Product "KNOT TODAY"

In my quest to find a great product to use on Maya's extra curly hair, a mom told me we should always use a sulfate free shampoo. She said shampoos that contain sulfates make our hair dry and brittle. Another mom suggested I try a product called "KNOT TODAY" that is sold at Whole Foods. After searching the internet I found the website, Kinky-Curly the manufacturer of Knot Today. They also offer a sulfate free shampoo. The products are natural. I will make a trip this week to Whole Foods for the Knot Today product, stay tuned for my review......

Essence Magazine.Kinky-Curly was named one of the ‘Hottest Makeup & Hair Products of 2008’ by Essence Magazine

Here's the company website: http://kinky-curly.com/


cocoamommy said...

I did find the products a Whole Foods, however due to the popularity of the product the inventory is scarce. My suggestion is to call ahead and ask the store to place a special order. I'm waiting for the conditioner to come in.

cocoamommy said...

I finally tried the Knot Today on Maya's hair last night. Wow, is all I can say. Finally a natural based product that works on very coarse hair. Based on her texture I had to apply a generous amount however it goes a long way. I was able to style her hair without the usual screaming and running around the room. I made it a game and she applied to her hair as well. Thanks to the Sheree for the information on this wonderful product.

cocoamommy said...

My hair is now texturized and the shampoo and Knot Today conditioner worked GREAT! The shampoo does not leave a residue and makes your hair feel clean without stripping the hair of moisture.

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