Monday, May 4, 2009

Downsizing and Reinventing Ourselves

I am now among the thousands of unemployed citizens. My previous company serviced the automotive industry and as you all know this industry has struggled for a while. My generation (ooh that makes me feel old) would never imagine witnessing empty dealership lots due to repossessed inventory or automotive manufacturers offering to make car payments in the event of becoming unemployed. Last Thursday Chrysler announced they are filing for bankruptcy and GM announced a 9 week shutdown. The writing was on the wall as they say but I have tried to look at this with a positive attitude. For the first time I can reevaluate my focus and determine what it is I really "want to do" vs. "what I need to do". I am viewing this as a time to "reinvent myself" ! Before the news was sprung on me last week I had started to implement a "what if" plan and I am pushing forward with my plans. In the past week a number of opportunities have come across my plate and I can only attribute this to believing in the power of abundant blessings......

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