Monday, May 26, 2008

Mommy Time
I know we are three weeks past Mother's Day, but one question I would like to pose is whether we truly take time for ourselves. When my paid job is over at 4 and I begin picking up, dinner, homework, gym (if I have enough energy), bath ritual, reading a book, dishes, packing lunches.....I'm sure you get the picture, when it is all said and done I feel exhausted. Last and certainly not least we have to make time(or schedule-I digress) for our significant other...... My dream night would be a hot bath and a good book but I rarely have time for a nice warm relaxing bath. How about you? The importance of mommy time sounds good in theory-that if we take good care of ourselves we are more equip to take care of others. Is this possible? and do we make a real effort to schedule in mommy time? What are your thoughts on this topic?

Here's the article addressing this issue on CNN......

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